sans-titre-18Like in any good biography, Chickfight could look back to their past in order to provide you their lethal dose of vain adjectives and boring anecdotes. Bad luck, the four offshoots of what Lester Bangs used to consider « dead » are rather the type of those who go ahead, with always more and more resolution. Incidentally, that is what brings them to release their new album « Acrobats », recorded at the Brighton Electric with eminent producer Jag Jago (The Maccabees, Mastodon, Your Demise, The Ghost Of A Thousand). The result is an overflow of 10 songs in which Chickfight indulge themselves: from progressive to catchy, from hardcore to pop, and even from scream to choir. Now try to imagine its transposition to live performances, including the passion that keeps the band going since always. Lester was wrong, he’s the one who’s dead.


SLACKERS AND SLAVES (self-produced, 2011)


1. Manifesto

2. Fighting for your rights

3. Your notes

4. We are the deadline

5. No rout

6. The king of nowhere

     7. Fear inside

ACROBATS (Notger Records, 2013)


1. Beast on the run

2. Acrobats

3. Someway

4. Myriad mirrors

5. Fits and starts

6. Swinging gust

     7. Riptide

     8. Flat packed

     9. Manic pole

     10. Pushing the rescue